Lumion is the world's fastest 3D rendering software for architects. In seconds,you can visualize CAD models in a video or image with real-life environments and striking artistic flair. Lumion enables anyone to create movies and images without any prior training. It's a functional tool to make beautiful 3D rendering yourself. Lumion is compatible with all 3D design software programs,such as Revit,SketchUp etc.


Lumion is an incredible real-time 3D architectural visualization tool that's being used for architects, urban planners and designers. In particular,it is great for individuals who want to add realistic 3D visualization to their SketchUp projects. The ease of use is what makes Lumion such an incredible product. Rendering was once a slow and tedious process. With Lumion, everything's better. From importing a CAD model to rendering a standout result, the whole process now takes only a few hours. And if you need to update a render on-the-fly, you can reconnect your model, adjust the render settings, and show your client a brand new, beautiful result, all in a matter of minutes.

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  • Starting a Lumion Project
  • Importing a 3D Model
  • Placing a Camera View
  • Assigning Materials to the 3D Model
  • Adjusting Glass Properties
  • Placing Lumion Content in a Scene
  • Global Illumination
  • Creating an Interior Still Image
  • Creating a Night Scene
  • Adding Exterior Lighting

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