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Benefits to our students

Learning Platforms

CADD International provides a world-class learning experience to students through 3 different platforms; GO LIVE+, Cloud training, and Direct training using modern technology.


Go Live+

GO LIVE+ is an exclusive platform to provide quality online training with top-notch facilities at its best for our premium students. This platform is open to the students at any corner of the world to experience our service quality.


Direct Training

Now for the first time in cad world history, CADD International blending direct training with GO LIVE+ technology providing substantial training in its best form without losing its essence. Students who opted for direct training will get the opportunity to experience the features of the GO LIVE+ platform beside the advantages of direct classes.


Cloud Training

Cloud training is an innovative online learning platform where students can direct their courses as they wish at their convenience. This is the most affordable learning platform which can be completed within a short period at its best quality. The students will be given notes and evaluated at each stage of learning to ensure quality. Cloud training platform stands out from other online training platforms by providing live online support daily at a specific time to every student who took the admission for Cloud training. So despite being an online training platform using recorded sessions, one gets an opportunity to overcome the limitation of non-interaction through daily live online support.


Hybrid Training

Hybrid training is an innovative training methodology that ensures quality through both the online and direct interactive modes of training. The training will be provided online by our Dubai corporate trainers and the facilities for the classes will be arranged at the respective branches where the students have already taken the admission. Besides the online training, the students get to enjoy the lab facilities and support in the same branch as well.